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Indian American Kerala Cultural and Civic Center
This is the internet version of the Kerala Center News letter. Vol.2 , 2000
( Tenth Anniversery & Kerala Festival Celebration Special )
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           Millennium Youth Festival Part 1
                ( Kerala Festival )
              Saturday, April 8, 2000    

  Report by:  Joseph K. Joseph
              Competition and & Cultural program Chairperson

Millennium Youth Festival Part1 was held on Saturday the 8th of April,2000 from 10 AM at the Kerala Center. The Program began with the traditional lighting of the lamp and the prayer by Mrs. Saraswathy Nair, followed by 'VANDE MADARAM' sung by Mr. Varghese Athimootil. The Millennium Youth Festval Part1 competitions followed.It was a very successful program acclaimed by all for quality and planning. The children's performance were superior and classic.The entire audience appreciated the the excellent perfomance of our children in Indian Dance, Music and other Talents. Master Nicholas Athimootil, a five year boy from Albany stole the hearts of every one by his super perfomance in the Fancy Dress. Miss. Archana Philip Scored the Heighest grade points in the competitions.

The Competition came to an end by 4.PM followed by a seminar jointly organised by GOPIO and NIAASC. Mr. J. Mathew , Former president of FOKANA and Editor of 'JANANI' made a presentation on the theme "ROLE OF KERALITES ABROAD IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM" . Dr. Thomas Palackal, Mr. M. T. Anthony, Mr. E. M. Stephen, Dr. Paulson, Mr. Cherian Charuvila and many others actively participated in the debate attended by nearly three hundred people.

Food and Beverages were provided by Malabar Palace, India Corner and Santoor Restaurant. Kerala Festival came to an end at 8.00 PM. List of winners of Youth Festival Part 1 is given below.

   Items for Competitions and Prize Winners 

   Sub-Juniors: (Age up to 7 years)  

     	First Prize   	:  Showne Philip Maramangalam
	Second Prize	:  Remy Jose  
       Fancy Dress:  
	First Prize    	 :  Nicholas Athimoottil
	Second Prize	 :  Remy Jose

       Light Vocal- Solo:                       	
	First Prize   	 :Maryann Thaila
	Second Prize	 :  Nicholas Athimoottil

       Ligh Vocal -Group: 
	First Prize    	:  Merylyn Athimoottil & group

   Juniors (Age 8-11 yrs) 

        Light Vocal- Solo:     (one contestant)                   	
	First Prize	  :  Merylyn Athimoottil

       Classical Dance Solo:   (Total three contestants)
	Prize		Name			Points

	First	:	Melvin Verghese	     	 52
	Second	:	Tina Verghese		 50
	Third 	:	Reshmi Nair		 49

       Classical Dance - Group:  (one  group)
	First Prize	:Jaimy Vettichira and group 

       Folk Dance -Solo  (total  six contestants)
	Prize		Name			Points

	First 	:	Christina George	61.5
	First	:	Lincy Thottathil	61.5
	Second 	:	Merylyn Athimoottil	59.5
	Third 	:	Reshmi Nair		48.0
	Third 	:	Melvin Verghese		48.0

       Folk Dance-Group:  (one group)

	First 	:	Jaimy Vettichira and group 

  Intermediate (Age  12-15 yrs) 

      Light Vocal- Solo   ( one contestant)                        	
	First Prize	:                 Archana Philip
            Classical Dance Solo:   (total  6 contestants)
	Prize		Name			Points

	First 	:	Sheryl Rajan		89.5
	Second	:	Archana Philip		87.5
	Second 	:	Remmya Nair		87.5
	Third 	:	Elizabeth Mathew	84.5

     Classical Dance - Group:   (two groups)
	Prize		Name		 	Points

	First 	:	Archana Philip
			Remya Nair
			Sherly   etc.		61
	Second 	:	Smitha
			Elizabeth  etc.		51

      Folk Dance -Solo:   (total four contestants)
	Prize		Name			Points

	First 	:	Archana Philip		108.5
	Second 	:	Remmya Nair		92.5
	Third 	:	Anitha Alex		90.0

      Folk Dance-Group:   (one group)

	First Prize	  :	Sherly Kottupally & group