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George Abraham (Houston, TX) COMMUNITY SERVICE In 2003, Non-Resident Keralites Affairs (NORKA) Department of Kerala Govt. appointed George Abraham as Director of the ‘Southern Region’ division of the United States . IN the same year, through his efforts and hard work, he took a medical team to Kerala with 23 medical professionals in cooperation with a charitable organization called ‘House of Charity’ and assisted the needy people in Kerala. In 2004, two medical teams consisting of 46 medical personnel joined and conducted urological treatments and plastic surgeries. Between 2003-’06, Abraham took leadership to ship ten containers of medicine and medical supplies worth Rs. 80 Crores for needy people in Kerala. Abraham was involved in bringing ENFLEX (National Council of Nursing Board Exams) to India . By profession, George is a broker in the real estate industry and owns Abraham & Co. Realtors.